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Commercial Land in Pasco County

Commercial property makes a comeback.

I have been getting the buzz out there about me wanting to do more work in the commercial real estate industry and it’s starting to come back in waves. I have 3 acres in Holiday going up, that just happens to be just off of HWY 19 and would be perfect to develop nice profitable PUD (planned unit development). Another prospect with 20 acres of wide open land near the Canterbury Farms, Hudson Florida.  Then today I visit a future clients residence and half of the residence is zoned AR but could be C2 very easily and perfect for someone that wanted to grow or cultivate something.

This place was set up as a grape farm so right now all the sprinklers are set on high so they could water down on the vines. We are talking several acres all ready…so anyway, I am driving home and thinking to myself, “I’d probably choose to go with palm trees just because they should be little lower maintenance and I wouldn’t need to hire a bunch of people to pick grapes.

When I got home I went to google and it sent me into a few different peoples blogs and I came up with a few answers:

“Which Palm trees are you planning to grow? You mentioned agriculture so coconut palms are usually planted seventy to a hundred (100) per acre, depending on the cultivar. Date and oil palms do best with fifty to sixty(50-60)/acre.”


“Am thinking of what to plant on the land. please what is the best thing to plant, do i plant palm tree, plantain, banana, casava, yam? Am looking at what would give me maximum profit. Also some people are saying Agric palm tree would take 5 years before it starts bring out palm fruit.”

and then,

“Plantain is by far the best. It produces like a goat. You plant one and come back in a year and it has over 20 shoots around it. But in all, you should ask an expert to ascertain the quality of land and what produce is most suitable.”

So there it is folks, pretty cool huh. Love google.