Kevin S. McCullough has over fifteen (15) years of experience in mortgages, legal, and all aspects of real estate. Prior to the inception of McCullough & Associates Realty, Inc. Kevin also was a mortgage broker for almost a decade and dealt with conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lenders, HUD and FHA programs, Private and Hard Equity lending, and non-conventional or sub-prime loans. Then when the market took a downturn he was hired at a law firm to handle their day to day business management and marketing. His knowledge is extensive along with his experience from getting helping others get approved to purchase homes all the way through closing and home ownership. He has had dealings in property management overseeing multiple rental properties at a time and even has many commercial clients that utilize him for property acquisitions and then often times the leasing of those spaces. He is experienced with Retail Spaces as well as a variety of Warehouse and Industrial Properties.

Kevin S. McCullough received a B.A. in Business Administration from VALLEY FORGE MILITARY COLLEGE in 1995, and then continued his education as a Marketing major at JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS until 2000. During his time at Valley Forge Military College he was a Tri-Athlete playing primarily on the football and soccer teams, and then actually walking on to the schools tennis team. Originally from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area and has lived in the Tampa Bay Area since 2003. Kevin is known among his peers for his philanthropic heart and has been an active leader within the community serving on many different boards and known for his fund raising abilities and really trying to be a helpful partner within his community. He was on the Board of Directors for West Pasco HABITAT FOR HUMANITY for three (3) years and also served on a Finance Committee with West Pasco County UNITED WAY for four (4) years. Vice President of the local Network Professionals Inc. group, as well as a Notary for over a decade.

Kevin worked at the law firm for six years while being a part time realtor and was tasked with all the duties of the running the business side of the firm. He handled a variety of tasks from overseeing multiple employees, general operations, marketing, and public relations. Kevin’s main goal is to help people achieve success in their investments which ultimately will help him close more deals and he never wants to let anyone down so he works tirelessly for his clients sometimes until all hours of the night. He also works avidly with other investors clients and even does a little flipping so he can maintain an accurate read on the market. Kevin is not only talented in finding deals but very good in negotiating deals and really finding a sellers bottom line. Let him negotiate for you and you will see his true businessman intellect and quick thinking mindset.

If you have any property, credit, or loan questions than he will be able to guide you so that you can relax and continue to concentrate on what’s important to you, like your job and family. If you already own a home or business facility and are interested in figuring out how to best maximize your returns or potential profit, you will be able to ask him for some guidance as well as rely on his contacts and database of power partners for getting the job done. Kevin’s clients do not have to worry about daunting tasks while purchasing a home because he plans every stage and move and lines up the insurance, inspections, and anything else one may need. He will keep you relaxed through the process and will endure the course until the end. With a Real Estate Broker like Kevin McCullough on your side, you can be rest assured that you will be well properly represented during the entire transaction.